Tips on How to Become Instafamous

Becoming Instafamous is the primary goal of a majority of Instagram users, yet so few ever achieve it. So, you may ask, where do I even begin to start my journey to Instafame? Well, thankfully, we have some tips for you that will get you going.

Tip #1: Be Friendly

Give out some likes, shout outs, comments, and follows. Show other users that you’re not just another ghost follower. Other Instagram users are much more likely to give you a follow or some interactions if you sent one their way first. So take some time to make some friends (you can also buy instagram followers to show that you have more friends), it’ll help you out in the long run.

Tip #2: Explore

Go through Instagram’s popular page and see what other users like, go through the policies and procedures, or just plain look at some other people’s Instagrams and see what you enjoy. All of that will help you to know what to upload yourself. Explore and learn as much as you can so you know what you’re doing.

Tip #3: Hashtags are your best friend

Hashtagging popular words or phrases on your posts can you help you a ton when it comes to becoming Instafamous. When you hashtag something and someone then searches for that hashtag your picture will come up in the search results, giving you a ton more exposure and leading to a ton more followers.

These are only three out of the many tips and tricks one can learn. These are also three of the most important, though. So be friendly, explore, and use hashtags and before you know it Instafame will be knocking on your door!

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